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The Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid
on the Express Entry Permanent Residence Application

The immigration website doesn’t give you all the answers, but Legacy North is here to help! Here’s the 7 most common mistakes to avoid when completing your Express Entry Permanent Residence application.

1. Find your NOC before you start! You’ll need to find your National Occupation Classification (NOC). Your NOC is to help the Canadian government classify your skills as it relates to your current job. In the application process, you’ll be asked to include your NOC with information about your work experience. Read the basic information first, then search for your NOC. Spend the time to read through a bunch of them, to ensure you choose the correct one.

2. Province choices - During the first stage of your Express Entry profile application, you must choose the provinces where you’d like to settle. Important - Your profile is ONLY visible to the specific provinces that you choose. To improve your chances, click as many as you can. 

3. Submit your medical certificate with your application. If you miss this, they will return your application and you have to start all over.

4. Police certificate process - You DO NOT have to submit your police certificate from every country you’ve lived in for 6 months or more (since the age of 18) with the application, but you DO have to submit proof that you’ve applied for it. These documents take a lot of time to receive, so apply as soon as you receive your Invitation to Apply!

5. Additional applicants - You can add your spouse, your common-law spouse and your dependent children to your application.

6. Declare your dependents - If you don’t declare that you have a spouse or dependent children, you CANNOT sponsor them in the future.

7. Job offer details - Read the requirements carefully about job offers. It is not just as simple as a letter stating you have a job offer. 

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